Thursday, April 25, 2019

So you’re dating that gym rat? Or the uber fit yoga babe? Odds are that you know how it feels in meet him out for a run and see him whizzing past you or get in on one of the gym sessions and seem like a misfit, be called out for your not-so modest bing on fries and cheese hamburger, and even feel a tad bit like a loser when your uber fit better half runs varsity track, cross country, and trains for the TNC. For that yoga babe who you thought scored a ten on the hotness scale ditto.

She makes your limbs seem like iron rods! – Well, the reality of dating a physical fitness freak somebody who eats, drinks, and breathes fitness. When you’re dating a physical fitness freak, you understand that you’re brought in the thick of training your body to be fit too much like a devoted follower of the religion that your partner has sworn himself to FITNESSSS! – Suggested read: Dating an extroverted introvert? Heres what you need to know – And the relationship is not so important to know the insides of a bag of potato chips than about turning yourself inside out in the insides of a gym! Pumping iron to make your iron limbs perfect and sweating it out with a regular workout so you could make others break into a different type of perspiration altogether with your shape are all the perks of dating a physical fitness freak.

Obviously, theres the downside of seeing him check out his flexed next to each mirror, hogging the mirror to check his butt, and of course, the fatal farewell to tasty, sinful, and decadent food. So how does this whole dating a physical fitness freak deal pan out? Heres the truth: 1. He’ll be the physical alarm you can’t snooze – When you’re dating a physical fitness freak, you can bid goodbye to those happy mornings whenever you could hug your cushion until about 8 and go to bed a few hours past midnight. With your new fit partner around, going to bed after 11 will be a rarity and not wake up with the sun, a crime. Yep, get used to it and sing along early to bed, early to rise, makes a guy healthful, rich and clever and no, he is not listening to your lame excuse of being a female. You’ll have to bear the addiction to mirrors – Once you bring your nose out from the plate of Fries and observe, you’ll see that physical fitness fanatics love checking themselves out which is the reason they love the gym wall to wall mirrors, floor to ceiling mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, everywhere. So the next time he looks ever-so lovingly into your eyes, keep in mind that he’s just seeing if his post workout glow is still on his cheeks!