Thursday, April 25, 2019

Donna Krasnow, M.S., Lynda Mainwaring, Ph.D., C.Psych., and Gretchen Kerr, Ph.D. Journal of Dance Medicine & Science Volume 3, Number 2, 1999. Abstract – perfectionism were examined in 3 groups of elite performers stress, and Injuries: modern dancers, ballet dancers, and gymnasts that are artistic. Like the population was found for all 3 groups. Results demonstrated a number of hip accidents in youthful ballet dancers and gymnasts than found in the population. Variations were found among the classes in injury direction, and duration of time instruction was modified. Relationships between stress and injury, and trauma and perfectionism weren’t uniform across groups.

The study points to the significance of differentiating involving positive and negative stressors in role activities that are specific. The complexities of the stress\/injury phenomenon and the multifaceted nature of the perfectionism variable were identified. The authors highlight the need for education and research in the field of correlates and youth injuries in order to minimize the effects on performers. Injuries might have profound consequences on operation and the health of gymnasts and dancers. Performance and training demands on both of these groups are frequently substantial in the teenager years and leave them susceptible to injury. Normally, overuse injuries present study analyzed the nature of accidents are endured by dancers. Additionally to identify patterns of harm in those groups, the study explored stress and perfectionism as potential emotional correlations of injury.